Meaning Of Saudade

What Does Saudade Mean?

"When i think of saudade i think of the ocean"

“Saudade is the word I cherish most among the three languages I know, with Brazilian Portuguese being my favorite. It’s challenging to express what saudade truly means with words, as it is more than just a word; it’s a feeling, a sensation, a call for awareness. To be precise, when you miss someone, you long for nothing more than that person’s presence. You yearn to reach out to them, even when you don’t have a specific reason. You simply crave to hear their voice. Saudade is the energy that bridges that gap, the confirmation in your heart that compels you to make that call. It is the embodiment of that yearning.

Have you ever found yourself identifying with these words? If so, you know that saudade resides within you. It can take on various interpretations. Sometimes, it may be a sense of longing, nostalgia, a heart brimming with love, or even heartbreak. It is always profound and possesses immense power, yet it remains incomplete. Just as life itself, saudade is in a constant state of longing for love and change, forever expanding. The boundary between humans and saudade is infinite. Is it the mystical emotion that defines us as human beings? Perhaps, yes. Or maybe it transcends even that notion. It feels like the will to live, the aspiration for greatness, the genuine connection with ourselves, nature, and the universe itself.

In conclusion, saudade is inherent in our nature and a defining characteristic of our humanity. It is the sentiment I aim to share with the world—the connection with oneself and nature, the individuality that distinguishes us as humans, and our inherent connection to everything that surrounds us.

With love and joy, I present to you my vision: Saudade.

For a World Free from Capitalist Principles and Structures, Patriarchal Oppression, and All Forms of Domination by International Financial Powers, Unequal Trade Systems, Neocolonialism, and Debt Domination.

For a Future That Reflects a Universal Value System, Embodying Integrity, Tolerance, Harmony, Determination, and Love.

As we weave this tapestry together, remember that unity is our strength.”

– Mayka D.

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